cardiovascular disease

cardiovascular disease is a heart disease  that invole the heart or blood vessels and go to your arteres. Most countires face high increasing rates of cardiovascular disease. Each year heart discease more Americans then cancer.

In practice cardiovascular is treated by cardiologists, thoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, neurolgists, and interventonal dependiong on the organ system.

The symptomns are blood cloggs it can make you have a stroke.



james blog

Hi I’m James. My special talents are flipping on the trampoline,  jumping and running. I like to make up my own tricks, for example the ‘knee flip’. With the knee flip you need to jump really high and then flip on your knees.

my favuorithings trains espeially stem trains my 2nds are trams and diesel I like how fast a diesel and a stem trains can go transfor a soomth ride.


The port power came to my school thay talk about the dangers of smoking at the end thay sign our books at the end of deing at our school thay gave us posters it was cool.